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Boxing Fitness Class

If you’re wanting to take your exercise to the next level or you love to mix up your workout styles, join our trainers for a fun and challenging boxing fitness class using Pilates exercises in our boxing core work. Our skilled and experienced trainers can support you in reaching your fitness goals, or if you’re a beginner, we can get you started on your journey.

Make a Change With Boxing for Fitness

We take you through a wide range of boxing drills, strength training, and plyometric movements to create a fun and effective workout. We cater to all skill levels and can readily tailor each session to your ability.

  • There is no previous experience required before attending our classes. Our professional team will provide knowledgeable and supportive guidance at every step of the way so you can get the most value out of your boxing sessions.
  • We provide a professional and friendly studio experience with quality facilities for you to enjoy before and after your 45-minute boxing class. You can refill your bottle, have a drink at the water fountain, and shower after class, then use our complimentary towels, hairdryer, and straighter.
  • We have a selection of membership deals, including starter, express, and total fitness. You can choose the membership that best suits your fitness and lifestyle and sign up for six or twelve months at a time.

Join our trainers for a boxing fitness class and challenge yourself with a fun, high-impact workout. 

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